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June Catacombs will undergo some important changes in the upcoming update 5.0.02 Forgotten Legends.
Sep 02, 2014
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Prepare for another three months of exciting and fierce matches. Glory, fame and incentive prizes await you at the end of the new Goblinball season!
Sep 01, 2014
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We are happy to announce the winners of our "Bring Allods to the real world!" photo contest. Congratulations!
Aug 29, 2014
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Mount your very own temporary Manabike that has been provided by our dear Goblins and feel the ultimate speed
Aug 28, 2014
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Celebrate your patron and gain his blessing for 29 days! Each month we will be celebrating a different Patron – this month, it’s Hyrd. So, be as fast as mercury.
Aug 27, 2014